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We are a non sectarian, non political organisation, the core teachings of which are based on the Quran and Sunnah, researched from authentic and acclaimed sources. 

Our vision at Al Manar International Academy is to enlighten the hearts of the multitude with the light of The Quran and teachings of Sunnah. Our mission is to strive to make this divine message reach all over the world.

Come join us in this mission. Let's enrich our selves with the knowledge of Islam and thereby enrich the lives of others. Together we can make a difference.

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Here to Hereafter is a journey that gradually nurtures your heart to connect with Allah through Quranic verses and ahadith. Knowing Allah is the key to loving Allah. So lets fall in love this Ramadan.

While it is planned as a Ramadan course, it can be revisited to enrich your souls time and again.

Here to Hereafter


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For years we have revered, respected and recited the Quran, but have we ever taken out the time to understand it ?

This course is structured to give you a detailed understanding of the Quran, and also familiarises you with the beauty of the Arabic text. The word to word translation, roots of words, and word analysis, enriches your understanding of the kalaam of Allah and nurtures you to make this noble scripture a part of your lives: Quran fi Hayati.

Quran fi Hayati

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“Sometimes I wish I could have joined earlier… It will be no exaggeration to say that the Qur’an touched my life positively and completely changed my perspective on life and it continues to do so with every passing day.” 


—  Qaisera Naheed

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